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lower right abdominal pain/testicle


I have been having some pain in the lower right quadrant/right testicle to make a long story short my Dr’s think it “may” be a sports hernia, this was a onset thing. I compete in natural bodybuilding and was training with my trainer then all of a sudden 3 days later not lifting i started to feel it. the muscle used to spasm but doesnt anymore and aches on and off, with my right testicle feeling abnormal. any advice? I feel like im trapped in closet getting some help on this with my doctors U dont know what doctor to contact next, I know these things are hard to diagnose if its a pulled muscle strained or torn Thanks!

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  1. Sometimes pain in the testicles, especially after lifting heavy, can be a sign of a hernia. What did you doc suggest? That’s all he told you was you have a hernia and sent you on your merry way?

    • Brandon,Sorry to barge in… I’m kind of desperate about this. I have exactly the same problem. I had been to different docs on multiple visits. I had ultrasound done, barium enema, x-rays and they can’t figure this one one. They are pretty sure it’s not a hernia. Have you been able to figure out this problem. Thanks.

  2. O I forgot to ask you, If the worst case scenerio what type of down time will I be looking at and whendo you think can I continue weight lifting thanks alot!

  3. Yes, basically I guess I must contact a general surgeon next. But its funny both my G.P and my Orthopedic Doc. told me I can keep lifting avoid movements that make it hurt. Both think it can be a sports hernia. Could it be a torn muscle or a pull? Im no doctor or p.t but if it was one of those I likely would have testy pain right?