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make orthotics curved to hold my feet the way they used to be


I used to have comfortable high arched feet.
Due to weight my arches have slowly collapsed until I now have flat feet.
When I get arches custom made, they either make them too flat and say “Well that’s the way your foot is now” or they put a small bump in it which is not like the normal curve of a high arched foot which I used to have. I do have plaster molds of the way my feet were when they first stared to fall and still had a lot of arch in them. I have tried to buy pre-made arches at the Good Feet Store,but they weren’t quite right and they broke the structure of my left foot and made it worse. i need someone who is both an artist and a podiatrist to make arches in the curve of the way my feet used to be.
They also need to be thin enough to fit in athletic footwear.
Right now


  1. As you have discovered lots of folks make arch supports- podiatrist, chiropractors, physical therapists, specilaty shoe stores etc. Podiatry has many variations on orthotics, based on a patient’s needs and wants and sometimes how much one can afford. You should see a podiatrist and discuss this with him/her.