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Marble size cyst on soft part of arch


I have a cyst actually two in the soft part of the arch of my foot, I’m calling it a cyst for lack of a better word, one is about the size of a marble and the other is a little smaller, I cant tell if its a vein thats blocked or if its a simple stone bruise (it has a shadow bruise look) but it protrudes slightly from the skin and is extremely painful to walk on….
I have tried soaking my feet in warm water ( seems to make it worse) and putting ice on it makes it feel a little better…
I’m a little scared and have no health insurence and am wondering if its something i need to have checked out immediatly or if you think its just a stone bruise and will eventually go away…thanks so much.


  1. This is one of those times I invoke my overused statement- To see is to know- not to see is to guess.Unfortunately,I can’t tell what you have just from your description. I might be something as simple as a Plantar fibroma or it could be something else. My advice is to make an appointment with a podiatrist or orthopedist and get this checked out. I am sorry you do not have health insurance, but that really should not stand in the way.Good luck.