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HI,My son is 14 5-11, extremeley flat-footed.
He is involved with a very competitive AAU basketball team.
Recently, he has developed persistent pain in the ball of the right foot (on the right side of the first metatarsal head).
There is a callus there.
His podiatrist says there was almost certainly an injury and that it will heal by itself.
(My son recalls no injury but that it was first noticeable after a Bball game.) But after resting for four weeks and taking 1200 IB and icing twice per day, he resumed moderate exercise and the pain returned immediately.
It appears to me to be a chronic problem related to his gait and over-pronation.
are we missing something and what else can we do?


  1. I would start with taking comparison X-rays of both feet. If that was inconclusive, then either a diagnostic ultrasound or MRI.I am going to go out on a limb and guess that he may have a sesamoid problem. Without examining him, I am guessing. Depending on the severity, treatment can range from a dancer’s pad to immobilization in a cast brace. You might want to get another opinion.