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mcconnall taping and bracing post patella subluxation


i have a 17 yof daughter who is a gymnast. During a work out her patella subluxed latterally and she manually banged it baack into place. She continued to work out and this happened again. She repeated the replacement of the patella and stopped her workout . She now has pain, clickink, inability to bend knee beyond 60 degrees without poopng. I can see the patella tracking latterally and then trying to come back into the groove. i took her to an orthopedist who said go home and don’t worry. i am a PT and know that she needs intervention so that she can resume her gymnastics.I thought that mcconnall taping and/ or the proper brace would be beneficial.your help would be appreciated.she also has a slight external tibial torsion on this leg.cathy

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  1. Cathy,First of all, I would tend to disagree with your Orthopedist on his suggestion to “just go home”. I have worked with enough Orthopods over the years to know that most will, at the least, recommend some basic PT, and maybe a brace. As a PT, you know that she will never get better unless she really works on her VMOs. If she can get them strong enough, that alone might be all it takes. In the mean time, the taping is fine if you will always be there to do it for her, or if you can teach her to do it herself. If not, there are lots of braces out there…you just need to do an Internet search, and you will find all the information, about types, materials, and costs, that you need. Let us know how she makes out with the taping/brace and the PT.