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Metatarsal pain and Morton's Neuroma


Is there any way of relieving the symptoms of a Morton’s Neuroma and fallen metatarsal joints without having to have foot surgery?
I was born with club feet and had to wear a brace from 6 mos. – almost 2 years and have had foot problems since, i.e. a very short achilles tendon in both legs which has caused me to walk on my ‘tip toes’ for most of my life. Being a female, I disguised this most of my life by wearing high-heeled shoes. Now nearing the age of 40 I am starting to have a lot of difficulty with metatarsal pain and have large calouses on the balls of both of my feet.
I routinely have to use a callous remover to keep them from getting so thick that I cannot walk without severe pain. Even with this, I still and cannot stand on my feet for long periods of time without the pain in my right foot becoming unbearable.
I now wear 1″ heels or flats, but the pain is still intense and to top that off, I have very wide feet. Size 8D — try finding that in a women’s shoe!
I have to go home almost every night and soak my feet in warm water and Epsom Salts.
I found a site called “” and there are a lot of orthotic products on their site, but I have no idea if their “Metatarslagia” products will make the condition better or worse.
If I can solve the problems via orthotics, I would be very happy with that. Right now foot surgery is not a good option as I cannot afford the time away from work, as I am self-employed. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.Sincerely,Lesa