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Last Jan, 2002 I was diagnosed as being diabetic, Type II.
However, my blood glucose level has not been too high, and with medication have kept my numbers below 120 over the past 6 mos.
However, over the past 6 mos I have developed a cramping in the balls of both feetm mostly under my middle to small toes -sometime over as far as my big toe.
It usually gets worse as the day progresses and at night when I get home from work.
It is relieved considerably when I sleep, but resumes when I get up in the morning. I massauge my feet several times during the day, but this provides only very short temporary relief.
I have wide toed shoes, with soft soles, but this seems to make no difference.
I also have a bad back with a buldging disc at L-4 L-5, which has caused severe cramping and spasms in my back.
When I have brought the foot problem to the attention of several doctors they really don’t seem to have an answer or any suggestion for relief.
Any suggestions besides seeing a podiatrist re orthodics.