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Midfoot Pain


I am having pain and numbness midfoot on the outer side about halfway down from the 5th toe and the ankle. There seems to be a swelling or protrusion over the most painful area. It is quite tender, and even the slightest pressure over the area causes an intense burning pain. I don’t recall any injury to the area. It seems to get a little better at times but not completely go away and then it flares up again. I think I have ha dit for about 10 days or so. I was putting off going to the doctors in the hope that it would improve on its’ own. Anybody have any ideas on this? Thanks.

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  2. : I have been having a pain in the right side of my right foor, inside just in fron of or at the beginning of my heel. It only hurts when I wear the wrong shoes and I walk a lot. I was wearing some new boots for the first time and did quite a lot of brisk walking through the mall and my foot felt fine until later in the day. It was not only hurting but behind my knee was hurting, my mid-back was hurting and tingling with numbness. What can this be?

  3. What you describe sounds like sciatic nerve pain to me. You need to submit your question to the doctor though, not to me. You could research sciatica on the internet and see if it sounds like what you have. Kate

  4. The idea that comes to my mind is to see a podiatrist or orthopedist and have your foot examined and x-rayed if needed. To see is to know, not to see is to guess.