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migrating pain in foot


While walking for exercise I suddenly experienced shooting pain on the bottom of my right foot, around the right side of the arch. I walked it off and the problem disappeared. A few days later we went out of town and after a long day of sightseeing (probably walked 5 miles almost continuously), I stood up from a 20-minute rest to find that the pain was back and I could barely walk. The pain would subside (but not disappear completely) after I walked for a few minutes and warmed it up. The following day the pain lingered mildly, but at one point while walking, I felt very sharp, shooting pain starting in my arch and shooting up the outside of my foot and ankle. The pain subsided later that day (even though I continued walking). Now, four days later, I have a dull pain only on the rear side of my foot just in front of and below the ankle. I’m preparing for a fundraiser walk in two days and am concerned I will make this worse. Could any sort of brace help. What could this problem be???