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Morning foot pain


About 9 months ago, I became really sick, and I developed arthritis over several areas of my body, but mostly in my ankles.
My doctor diagnosed it as Henoch Schonelin Purpurra.
I was barely able to move for nearly seven weeks, and my ankles remained painful and swollen for maybe 5 more weeks. I no longer suffer from the arthritis.
But now, every morning when I first stand up from the bed, it feels as though my soles on my feet are “popping” as if I had bubble wrap inside my feet, and when I put weight on them, all the bubbles pop.
And my ankles are very stiff, and I have to walk gently for a few minutes before I am comfortable.
Then I’m pain free for the rest of the day.
Is this something I should be concerned about? Will this last the rest of my life?
Or is this just some sort of damage from the HSP? My doctor has since moved, and I’m not sure if it’s worth bothering another doctor over.


  1. Did your doctor refer you to another like specialist? You really should have a discussion about this and the ongoing problem, in case of any further problems.