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Morton’s Neuroma


I have been diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma by 3 podiatrists.
I have read about the symptoms but am not confident that my condition is truly a neuroma.
I have never worn high heels regularly.
I intermittently feel a sharp shooting pain in the fourth toe.
For many years this same toe developed a callus and blisters on the bottom.
That was corrected by a device that lifted the toe off of the sole of my shoe, preventing rubbing.
The pain is more acute if I jump or stand on tiptoe.
When I was given the Mulder test, my foot had the click but I experienced no re-creation of symptoms.
I have had several cortisone shots but have never had relief from any of them.
I had an inconclusive MRI and and ultrasound which SEEMED to indicate that there was a neuroma there.
My questions are: 1) Is the ultrasound a reliable diagnostic tool for this condition?
2) Is there any other condition that these symptoms are consistent with that might be being overlooked by my doctor?
3) Do Neurologists also manage Morton’s Neuroma and perform the nerve excision surgery?
I have been considering undergoing surgery but would like to find the practitioner with the most experience with Morton’s Neuroma before making this decision.
Thank you.


  1. Neurologists are diagnosticians. They do not do surgery. Podiatrists do the most and orthopedists do some foot surgery. Your symptoms are certainly consistent with the diagnosis of a neuroma. However, a sursitis under the metatarsal may mimic this. As far as MRI and Ultrasound being definitive. It depends on who is reading it. I generally diagnose a neuroma based on clinical findings alone. I also have a diagnostic ultrasound and can use it to confirm the diagnosis if necessary.Before you have any treatment, you need to have your questions answered to your satisfaction.