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Morton’s neuroma


I have a Morton’s neuroma growing between the two toes next to my big toe.
It makes it difficutlt to bend my toes and sometimes shoots extreme pain when I step on it.
Just exactly what is a Morton’s neuroma and what should be done.
I have been advised to seek an injection and possibly a surgical resection.


  1. Carol, as soon as you can, see a podiatrist, as justin said. I did not do that, and my neuroma became so sore I could not walk. The doctor told me the proper orthotics for mto do my walking on concrete, try grass, and buy good, roomy walking shoes. As soon as they lose their holding power, toss them out. I got a very expensive padded pair of shoes, kept them in good repair for a year, and bought another pair. Nerves take a long time to heal, but now I am fine. I wish you good health.

  2. This is coming from a patient’s perspective. I had a MN for 3 months before i had it treated properly. heres my story also, well this is probably the most important. see a specialist, make sure you see a podiatrist. an injection will work along with orthotics. try to get both. a lot of the times MNs are cause by mechanical problems in your feet, ie they way you naturaly walk (coupled with bad footwear).once you a. get quality shoes and b. get orthotics and c. get an injection, you should be is only after these steps that i would ask about surgery. therefore im saying conservative treatment should work for your MN…well it did for me. good luck!justin