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Morton’s Neuroma Post Surgery Complication


after suffering with the MN between 3/4 toes on the left foot for years … and after having endured cortisone injection therapy of the years which initially were effective but ceased to be … and after having endured a series of sclerosing agent injections (8 of them with no relief!) … and or course after having had several pair of orthodics made over the years by different podiatrists (to no avail) … i finally had surgery to address this … my understanding was the pain that i had would not be there after the surgery … i would be in a surgical shoe for about 3 weeks time and fully recovered in about 6-8 weeks … well as soon as the anesthesia wore off which was about 24 hours later … i was unable to put any pressure on the foot … the pain is and continues to be excruicating … and i am unable to walk at all … the surgical shoe was replaced with full rocking boot to keep the pressure off the ball of the foot … for the most part it does but i still have to careful to keep the front of my foot raised but i can hobble about in this … my doctor said whiles this is not usual he feels it is still just post-surgical trauma which he expect to resolve … when questioned on how long he would wait before trying something new … he said 2 months! … i’m at my wits end … there is no way i will be able to hobble like this for 1 month let alone 2 … i’m in the process getting the names of some docs at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC and hope to get there soon for another opinion … anyone here have any opinion or knowlege with respect to this situation? … thanks


  1. HELLO— I have had this surgery on both feet.Your story reads like mine, the injections, orthotics and such…Buf after my surgeries, I remember pain; but not that horrible…could walk around with the stiff does take a bit to know of how things will be– 2 months even seems premature to will encounter stuffness and numbness most likely.but hopefully hang in.Nothing infected is it… ? that would cause horrible pain and not allow you to put weight on things….keep us posted 🙂 rob

    • Thanks for your input Rob … it is much appreciated! … I’m now 6 days post op … Much of the pain from the surgery itself is subsiding … unfortunately however I’m still having the nerve pain in the area just under my 4th toe … i have to be extremely careful to not put any weight at all on that area … difficult but manageable … i’m wearing the Frankenstein boot and most of the time i do not hit the nerve but when i do … OUCH! … i’m due back at the doc on Tuesday which will be 11 days post op … i’m hoping the stitches come out … i think they are irritating me as well … i suppose i just have very very tender tootsies!

      • I had a neuroma removed 6 weeks ago (1/11/06), it was between the 3rd and 4th toes. Today I feel like I did a 20 mile hike in socks that were too big, and they bunched up behind my toes and bruised my foot. It’s almost like the 4th metatarsal head is out of alignment with the rest of the heads, and it HURTS. It’s like a big lump in my foot and it is scaring me to death. Is this normal or am I now ruined for life?

  2. My DPM tells me it’s normal to feel there’s a big bump under forefoot following MN surgery. Myself, I had concurrent neuromas in the same foot, space 2 and 3, excised simultaneously, so my recovery is bound to be slower than most. It’s been 3.5 weeks and I’m walking with my normal shoes, but not very comfortable yet. DPM tells me as soon as I can comfortably wear shoes I can do exercise bike and elliptical trainer in the gym, and run in 3-4 weeks.

  3. Had my surgery 12-1. Am now over 2 weeks post-op. Just started walking more in the velcro shoe. Didn’t feel much pain until recently, and my whole foot feels hot at night, even to the touch. What is that about? On it too much?