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Morton’s Nueroma


Dr. Abrams:I have been diagnosed with Morton’s Nueroma.
I have had several series of alcohol injections in my foot.
I also wear orthotics prescribed by my podiatrist.
I love to walk and exercise, but have had to limit my activities due to my foot pain.
I was wondering if there is an exercise that I should be doing for my foot?
A friend had plantar’s, and it was suggested to her to stand on the edge of a step and let your heels drop for 30 seconds or more at a time.
Would this be a good exercise for Morton’s?
I would appreciate hearing from you.


  1. From what I believe you are describing, your friend had plantar fasciitis. This is an inflammation of the large supportive structure in the arch of the foot. A neuroma is an inflammation of an intermetatarsal nerve which is very common. The treatments you described are well known to podiatrists. Unfortunately though, I do not have any recommendation for exercises for a neuroma. If conservative measures fail then surgery can be an option.