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Morton’s toe


My second toe on my right foot was always longer than my big toe and now overlaps it to a significant extent. It looks weird and is a real problem when I have to wear shoes (even wide ones) The second joint is also quite swollen. I have tried various ways of restraining/retraining the toe over the years , but it always flips back over the big toe. What is involved in surgery to correct this problem?

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  1. Keir, I have a similar situation on both my feet but it’s worse on my right foot. This always gives me significant pain when running or hiking. I just saw a podiatrist and he’s going to do surgery to shorten the long toe. This involves an incision, removing a cylinder of bone from the middle of the toe bone and using some wire in there to help it heal straight. It sounds interesting. If you’re interested, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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