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Mother's Severe Pain


My mother fell in October trying to avoid falling on my sister’s cat. She landed on her elbow pretty hard. She is 65 with some degenerative bone problems in her back. It didn’t really hurt immediately, but after a few days the pain was so severe she could barely get out of bed. She has seen a few doctors and had an x-ray, and an MRI (I believe) there doesn’t seem to be any bone breakage. She has been on a pretty high dose pain medicine and still can barely make it to her next dose because the pain is so severe around her shoulder blade. She had some limited degree of help from a chiropractor that thought that her ribs were out of alignment, but she was unable to do more because of the severity of my mother’s inflammation and swelling in her back. She said that she has seen inflammation like this last for up to six months. She just can’t take the pain and nobody knows what to do for her. She’s already on an anti-inflammatory for her arthritis, but it doesn’t seem to be helping her. It is now February and she has gotten little relief. Could there be something that they’re missing–something that I could have them check for? Would a cortizone shot help? No one has suggested that yet. Please give me a few things that I can have her doctor check for. I am so anxious to see my mother without pain.