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multiple broken ribs


I was in a severe car accident Sept.1, 2003. I ended up shattering a wrist,breakinga finger, collapsing a lung, getting lots of glass in my face, and breaking 7 ribs. the first one in the front and then c2-7 in th back. one in my back has healed, overlapping with about an inch sticking out with a large gap inbetween. my concern though, is with the still broken ones. i have nerve ending damage from them and i am a severe diabetic on the insulin pump. im only 19 years old. i still have not been sent to a physical therapist, although i am searching for one close by right now. my consern though is that my my doctor wants me totally off of pain meds, and to learn how to hypnotise myself telling myself that im not in pain. i’ve tried talkng myself out of pain before and t has not worked. i have taken many forms of pain meds for these injuries but i have built up a tollerance for all but ultram, which my regular physician perscribed, not my pain doctor. .. and my pain doctor doesnt want me taking it. my question is if a chiropractor may be a good idea. my ribs overlap and un-overlap and grind constantly adn its very painful. i cant do everyday things when this happens and lately its happening often. i use to get cortozone shots in my spine every two weeks but a month ago my doctro quit them and wants to only give them two me every three months.i’m in excruciating pain most of the day and i get week, dizzy and sleep a lot of the day. i cant live like this. could you recomend anythng?