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Muscle Spasms? VERY PAINFUL! Please HELP!


OK, I recentley hurt my back doing a straight leg deadlift i lifted too much and my lower right back hurts vary bad but its getting better… about 4 days ago, i have been having pains in my right hip all the way down my right side of my leg down to my ankle. i doesn’t hurt when i sit down but when i get uo it hurts VERY bad! i try to stretch it out but its really tight and it makes it hurt worse. any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance…

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  1. thatks for the reply you hit it perfectley. i recently hurt my back and that caused 2 disks in my back to buldge and also pinch a nerve. its still hurting about the same, sometines worse. but now i’ve been feeling a tingley feeling in my foot and sometimes my toes go numb, this is after i stand up…