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My foots a mess after bunion surgery


Last August I had bunion surgery on my right foot and was in a cast for six weeks.
Shortly after I had pain in my second toe.
After more x-rays they found out I had dislocated my second toe.
Therfore, more surgery and back in a cast with a pin.
It has been 6 months and my toes have all bunched together.
My big toe is pointing to the right, my third toe is underneath and pointing to the left and my second toe is sticking straight up over the other two.
I am having a lot of pain in the area.
Is this normal or should I go back to the doctor.
Also, I think my bunion is coming back.


  1. I am sorry this has happened, but I can’t really give you a great deal of information.You certainly should see your doctor. If you are uncomfortable, then get another opinion as to what is happening. To see is to know, not to see is to guess.Good luck.Vivian A DPM