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my toe nail fell off HELP


I had a blister under my toe nail and eventually it fell off (actually my big toe and the one next to it)….will they grow back and how long will it take…also what shold I do to maintain my toes

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  1. the top of my toe nail in the beggining was kinda green and i pulled it off and than were the curticle is started peeling off and now at the bottom were the curticle was my nail is lifting. what should i do? please help. asap

  2. Yes your nail will grow back. Normal toenail growth takes 1 year to go from start to finish. When the nail has been injured, it grows faster, so it might be something like 9 months. Once the nail bed has dried out and the skin has toughened, the area should not be too uncomfortable. Until then keep it covered with a bandaid.