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Navicular bone in wrist


Hello, I broke my navicular bone in my wrist and now have a cast on for 3 months. I have read about magnets and ultrasound bring used to speed up healing, should I push my doctor to use 1 of these methods?


  1. Glenn, there is no navicular bone in your wrist! The navicular is in your ankle. I’d go and see a doctor who knows what they are talking about.

  2. Hi, i fractured my navicular bone during my third game of football and played the rest of the season. When i got it X-Rayed and found it was fractured i was put in a cast. It has been a little more than three months and it still hasn’t healed. My doctor is telling me i may have to get surgery because the blood may not be flowing to the bone where it is fractured. I’d like to know more about the process of the surgery or other possibilities.