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navicular fracture


My right foot had suffered a navicular fracture abt 5 months ago while playing soccer. The doctor told me that it was a “chip fracture” or a “navicular fracture.” A couple of weeks back when I started to play again my foot swelled up a bit as well as got red. Does this type of fracture take so long to heal and what must i do to for treatment?Mausam


  1. Can I ask what the normal treatment is for the navicular chip fracture is? I twisted my ankle 3 weeks ago, didn’t see a doctor for 10 days, then found out I had the bone chip of the navicular bone in the foot. It was the size of a pencil eraser. I have been wearing a Royce Medical Equalizer, the lower of the two lower leg sizes and was given crutches. I go back to my orthopedist in two weeks. What I am questioning, since I didn’t see my normal orthopedist but his PA, and he was very quick and back out the door, was whether I am supposed to walk on this? How long is this thing supposed to hurt. I take 800 MG of Advil every 6-8 hours; the more I walk on it the more it hurts. I don’t wear anything on my foot at night, and will constantly turn my foot at night and be awakened by pain. There is so little on the internet concerning this one injury; that I can’t find a course of treatment plan.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks,Kathy