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Navicular fracture cracked 4 months! What to do?


I have had a stress fracture in my right navicular for 4 months, i rest and it keeps coming back. Playing college soccer my sr. year, how can i help the healing process, or is cortosone my only SHOT. I’ve tried: rest, rehab, stim, everything. Any thoughts?


  1. I am not a big fan of cortisone shots in a fractured area. Cortisone slows down healing. Is this a fracture of an accessory navicular or the navicular bone itself?Have you been immobilized in a cast or cast boot? Have you used a bone stimulator? Have you had an MRI or bone scan? Do you wear orthotics or an ankle foot orthosis?Have you been trying to play on it? Sorry for lots of questions, but there is no black and white answers based on what information you have given.

    • If there is not a surgical solution to your problem then waiting is probably the best thing. Any way a bone stimulator is in your future? Insurance companies can be quite picky about these.