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I am being treated by a chiropractor for a neck injury. My 3rd neck bone is twisted. Would a neck brace aid in holding the adjustment while my muscles relearn the position? How about a back brace for curvature of the spine?


  1. Dear Jeannine, I don’t think a brace would help you in this type of situation. Braces can actually be detrimental to your condition, because they can alter the tonicity and health of the musculature. The muscles and ligaments need to do their jobs, they need to feel gravity, and they do not need to be restrained. A rotational mis-alignment of your vertebra can be treated by your chiro. It should respond well to care, and resolve completely. Curvature of the spine is a tricky condition that depends a lot on your age and the degree of curvature. A good Chiro won’t heal you, he will assist your body to heal itself.I wish you the best.