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neck manipulation


Hi I was wondering what is done to make head tilt forward and back of the head raised up?It was done to me by a chiropractor to correct my posture.Is it possible to get it back to the way my head was before this?There is no fracture.What do you think went wrong? It is bothering me since my neck muscles are very tense and chin is pressing on my throat,my head position is very odd and I look different.It has been 3 months, but it is not getting better or back to normal.I will very much appreciate your opinion.

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  1. It’s a posture/mechanical problem. Sounds like your chiropractor was able to stabilize it at one point and with time the problem resurfaced. This is not uncommon. I would go see the chiropractor to stabilize the area again and then prescribe specific exercises to keep it there. Also, good idea to see the chiropractor on occasion to maintain the correction.