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need to know if foot may be broken


i was participating in a high school basketball tourney, when i was shooting a jumpshot and came down on with all my weight on it. shortly after, there was a spot just below my ankle adn a little towards the front of my foot that swelled up like a golf ball. the next day, i noticed some swelling at the top of my foot as well. i cna barely walk on it and applied pressure is out of the question. are there ways of telling if it is broken w/o an x-ray.


  1. i was doing a cartwheel im my living room.(i have an apartment so its small inside. when i landed it hit the corner of my end table.I havent been able to walk on it ever since. everytime i put preasure on it, it hurts really bad.

  2. my foot is numb and tingles it hurts when my pants sit on the top of my foot i cant feel my toes and am in pain if i stand to long on my foot or even put pressure i need to know what is going on and if i should go get an x-ray on it its been like this for about two weeks now so if you can get back to me it would mean alot. thank you melissa

  3. This does sound like an injury, either soft tissue (ligament, tendon) or bone. Without an examination, it would be difficult to be sure. Is there some reason you do not want an x-ray? An MRI does not involve using radiation (it is a powerful magnet) but is much more expensive. A diagnostic ultrasound also does not use radiation but is usually more expensive than an xray. Both can show soft tissue damage where and x-ray can not. In the event of injury finding out what is the injury and the extent are the first part of figuring out what treatment is necessary.I recommend you see a podiatrist or orthopedist for further evaluation and treatment recommendations.