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new mattress


Our mattress is 11 years old and we think it’s time for a new one.
It is a Sealy ultra plush pillowtop and has some sag.
I have some arthritis and back curvature.
I am 74 and husband is 79.
What would you recommend in a new mattress?

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  1. I sell mattresses, I get this question all the time. I have customers that see a chiropractor regularly and are always getting back corrections, but think a $700 mattress set will solve the problem. The industry brags on memory foam, but in my opinion a mattress that can take an impression of a hand, as shown on tv, can’t be supportive so I won’t sell them, I would think, foam toppers are for comfort & the springs are for support. The other issue, is the topping, it is made to take a body impression, and not to be so hard & riggid that people lay on the surface, it’s to help people relax & take the stress/pressure points off of a persons back while not letting them sink too far. As for a brand, Each brand has several models that are designed for proper spine alignment. Some manufacturers take advantage of “endorsements” and over charge customers for the same product but under a different name. Bedding is the hardest thing for me to sell because everone seems to have a different problem that they expect the mattress to solve. Even if you have a favorite brand there are about 20 models so people hardly ever feel they got the right set. Just my opiniondi

  2. Dear Verna,The chiropractic community does recommend several. I think you should look into the king coil brand.Kind regards Dr Anthony Gambalecurvesolutionsusa . com877-602-7248

  3. Here is some additional information. I have had 3 chiro visits since the end of May for rt. side lower back pain. Prior to this problem I went a whole year without needing an adjustment. Pain is worse after getting up in morning and gets less as the day goes on.