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No ACL Exercises


My girlfriend lost her ACL due to a truck on her leg. After rehab over a year ago she can walk, swim, hike, and do yoga.
We’re going to be hiking the Appalachian Trail(2200)miles in about 6 months. Besides walking I really benefit from doing hindu squats. Can she do squatting exercises?
I want to push her to get stronger but I don’t want her doing things she shouldn’t do. Can she do squats?
What exercises can she do?
What exercises should she avoid like the plague?
She is finally getting a brace this week. For the past year she has done all activities without it.
When should she wear it?

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  1. I have arthritis in the knees for 10 years. But now I have got a new kind of pain in the left knee. It is under the knee and spreds down toward ankle and foot. It is severe and appears especially when I rise from a chair. It lasts a minute, then it diminishes. It appeares also when walking a longer distance. I feel a weak pain also in my ankle and haunch.