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Non-injury ankle pain


I’ve had ankle pain for a couple months now.
It has gotten worse with time though I have not injured it in any way that I am knowlegable of.
I am a stomach sleeper and I notice that the weight of the blankets on my ankle also aggrevates the problem.
What could this be?
and what can I do to treat it?


  1. I have had ankle pain when working out for years now and I was wanting to know how I can prevent it. I was a gymnast when I was young and I believe that is why I have the pain. It is both ankles and I have a tired burning sensation when I walk or run.

  2. I have rt. ankle pain swelling, reddness tender to touch and painful when I flex my foot. I have had no injuries. Had a uric acid done and was wnl, and cbc wnl. Have not gotten the sed rate results. Also had a ankle x-ray with no results. The ankle hurts for even the sheet to touch it, or anything touching it, just my sock causes discomfort. Have had no fever, and I can still ambulate o.k. Anything else I need to do? Thanks