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numb on my left ear and left cheek&shoulder


I had a pinch nerve in my left shoulder blade that comes and goes about every 3-6 months, that stays for about 2-3 wks. at a time. I just turned 36 yrs old on May 6 2008 and had the pain there again, my boyfriend rubbed it out for me 4 days ago anditfeltlikeherubbeditouthe normally cannot do but since i woke up the next morning, my left ear and cheek-jaw bone has been numb!I am scarred that i have had a stroke because of all of the HEAVY stress in my life, or that I am going to , I had a mini stroke at 27.PLEASE someone get back to me on this! I dont have insurance and Do Not have any $ too spend on a posssibly wasted Doctor visit, but I need to know something, I have 2 children that need me, I am a single working mother and have been a waitress for about 12 yrs now, could it be the begging of Arthritus? PLEASE Someone get back to me. Thank You Very Much, Jennifer Reed


  1. The massage is more than likely unrelated. You have a history of stoke, you need to go to the emergency department and get looked at. Forget about the money, the cost and do it. It’s not worth having a permanent disability from this. If you are in financial hardship almost all hospitals have a program that will pay your bill. There are some other neurological disorders that I could discuss with you that could be the cause but with a history of stroke, you need to be evaluated immediately. Don’t wait, go today.