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Numbness in legs while seated


Lately I have been having a lot of knee pain, mostly in my left knee. I have also noticed that wheneve I sit on the floor my legs immediately become numb and have a tingling sensation. Regardless of what I’m wearing this always happens. I am a 30 year-old female who is at a healthy weight. Any thoughts?


  1. Dear Sir /Madam, Whenever i sit on chair or my legs comes in air i mean with no load on it numbness and tingling occur that time and it always occur, i consult a doctor and has done cervical screenig in MRI some buldgeing was there in C4 to C7 – C8He gave me Neck Coverand some medicineI m suffering with multiple lypoma alsoCould you suggest me the proper way to diagnosis and corrct type of doctor and if possible some solution also i will be greatly thakful to youRaj

  2. This is caused by a lack of blood and oxygen getting to your legs. Sitting might be pinching a artery or nerve.Best regardsDr. Josh