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numbness in toe


I have scrolled through all the messages and found several dealing with numbeness in the big toe.
I am curious if anyone found help with this.
The doctor on this site doesn’t even give possible causes which I found frustrating.
My daughter works in a remote resort and cannot get out to see a doctor easily.
For the past week her big toe has been numb.
She works on her feet most of the day (7-8 hrs) and has new slide in open-toe shoes, with a slightlyl high heel, which she sometimes wears when she wears a skirt.
First only the tip of her toe was numb, but it seems to be spreading down her toe.
She has tried to massage it, and we recommended she not wear the heels to see if it helps.
Is there a chance this will clear up on its own, or does she need to see a doctor – there is no podiatrist in our home town.

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  1. Thank you for responding. I got more information and this is what I hoped for. I am now comfortable letting her wait a few more weeks to see if it goes away before seeing a doctor. Good response.

  2. As the doctor on this site who doesn’t give out possible causes for every specific problem, I am sorry you feel that way, please read the disclaimer and please understand I do this only a few spare minutes a day. Making a medical diagnosis based on the sparse information people post here is very nearly impossible. What you may not realize is that there is alot more to diagnosing than you think. Some of the causes of numbness in the feet include but are not limited to Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Vitamin B-12 deficiency, Rheumatoid arthritis, Pernicious anemiaPeripheral neuropathy, trauma such as ill fitting shoes, injury, low back problems, pinched nerves …Having said all that, your advice to your daughter seems to make good sense. It is possible that her shoes may have injured the superficial nerves in the foot. If they are only slightly injured, it may take several weeks-months to recover. This is not an absolute. Nothing in medicne is. My recommendation is if she still has the problem in several weeks is to see a podiatrist or orthopedist.Good luck.