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On May 16th broke the fifth metatarsal (jones)


I broke my fifth metatarsal on May 16th.
On May 19th I was put in a boot told to stay off it, and get a wheelchair.
I follow the directions then in June they casted it and because it was a little out of alignment did not do anything. In July another cast was put on, and was taken off on July 31st.
Then they told me to wear the boot until September 28th.
I am to put my shoe on and go up on my toes three times a day doing fifty each time.
I think this is really along time, and would like to verify that the orthopedic is handling this right?
Four and a half months seems like a long time.Please reply at my e-mail address.
Thank you, Susie Hoffman


  1. I realize you are frustrated, but I do not have enough information to give you advice. I suggest you request a copy of your X rays and get another opinion from someone who can see the X-rays and your foot.