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for years now, i have tried all the topical products for athlete’s foot and nail fungus, but it seems nothing works. i am to afraid to try anything orally because of th known problems to the liver. i’d like to have my nails surgically remved, and replaced with something artificial. i really hate showing my feet, even in front of my fiance’. could this be done, and if so, for how much?

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  1. The oral antifungal medicines are the best option, although they are not life long cures, but treatments. The risks are quite low and blood tests of the liver function are done to see if any problem exists. There is a risk of reoccurrence at a later date even with those who take all precautions. As far as removing the toenails permanently, this is certainly an option, although I am not aware of any artificial nail replacement that would be practical for most people. Sorry,I do not quote fees.