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Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Collarbone


Hello, about three months ago I was hit on my motorcycle at 50 MPH.
I sustained roadrash and a broken collar bone.
It was broke right between the 2/3 and 3/3 section, towards the shoulder. After being in a figure 8 brace for 2 months, the bone didn’t heal and showed no signs of callus tissue.
I got a second opinion and was told the fracture was too far displaced to heal on it’s own and surgery was the best option.
It was explained as a 1 hour operation. On 29 October, after being in surgery for 3 1/2 hours, I found out I was the proud new owner of a 5″ titanium plate and 8 screws.
I found out that wasting my time with the brace caused a lot of scar tissue that took some time to clean out.
The surgeon also placed some bone grafts between the fracture to speed up the healing process.
The incision has healed up nicely due to the use of stitches below the skin and steri-strips on top.
I have full feeling in my arm, but I have complete numbness in a 4″ circle below the incision.
Is this normal and will I ever regain feeling in this area? Also, I was told that the screws used lock into the plate and that the plate needed to stay in.
Is there any possibility of removing the plate in a year or so? Does the front head of the deltoid attach to the clavicle and if so, will the plate interfere with its movement or look.
I am really anxious to start back working out and was just curious, Thank you.


  1. I can only tell you my experience and what my doctor said. I had this surgery in mid Dec 03. Same thing titanium plate and 7-8 screws.Generlly the area of the collar bone feels good although there is a little numness around the area of surgery. My doctor said that most patients have the plate removed after about a year.