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I am a long distance runner training for a marthon. I have custom made orthotics and have always run with them. (fitted by my chiropractor).
I have always taken out the liner in my new shoe then inserted my orthotic.
Is it best to do it that way, or to place the orthotic on top of the liner already in the shoe?The ortotic is hard plastic, of course, with the toe section padded.


  1. Hi Lori,I too am a runner and I too have the need for orthotics. The doctor is right that the orthotic is meant to replace the shoe insert. My issue is the use of a rigid(ie: plastic) orthotic. The foot is meant to be a shock absorber and therefore, needs to be flexible. A rigid orthotic eliminates flexibility and shock absorption so those forces are now transferred up to the next joint and so on. There are flexible orthotics that allow for normal motion of the foot but act to block excessive motion which maintains the foots normal function. FootLevelers makes and excellent line of custom orthotics. Ask your DC to order them for you. Good luck!