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I had a bunionectomy on both feet – the second surgery approximately 6 weeks after the first.
I asked my doctor what the likelihood of the bunion recurring and was told that it was a very remote possibility.
If so, should I consider being fit for orthotics?
I have a few friends who had the same surgery, but whose bunions were worse than mine and their doctor did not suggest orthotics.
What is the risk if I am not fitted for orthotics?


  1. Your question about risk is a difficult one to answer since there are many variables to consider. All bunions do not have the same causes. People also have needs and wants that may be very far apart. As a doctor, you must also be aware that even if you strongly believe an orthotic is indicated the patient may not want to pay for it, especially if their insurance doesn’t cover it, and many do not. Patients also may not be willing to wear shoes that will accomodate an orthotic. You doctor would be best able to answer your questions.