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Orthotics, and running shoes!


Recently i had custom orthotics made, for myself i was told that they would help me as i am a runner.
I was also told i should buy a neutral pair of running shoes and wear the orthotics in them so i did. However when i wear them i get pains in my shin when i run, and after my run is over.
Could you tell me what type of running shoe is best for me? Should u i buy a pair that have a slight pronation counter or just stick to a neutral shoe?
i am 13 stone, and pronate slightly (as far as i know). Thank U.


  1. Not being a runner myself, I usually direct patients to a store where the employees are runners. They relaly know their stuff. I also refer patients to Runnersworld where there is a shoe finder program. Just be aware that even if you come up with a name not every store might carry it.