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osgood schlatter


My 11 yr old son has just been diagnosed with this.
He is very athletic.
I would like to know what else I can do for him besides ice and anti inflammatories.
Sports are very important to him…should he take some time off from them? Our pediatrician didn’t think so but I am trying to find out how else we can help him get through this. Any responses are appreciated.


  1. i have got the same thing iam now 14 i started getting it when i was 12 it was very painful. Tell your son not to play on it i did now i have regreted it ever since. The pain got to much for me so i quit sport at 13. I have had about a year rest now and it is alot better the bone and swelling is still there but there is no pain i have gone back to sport and my knee is fine. I wear a knee brace for extra support. so your son will have to just quit for a while its for the best. I hope my info has been helpful