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Monday I really did it to myself!
I walked in my house and saw that our dog had just gone on a rampage tearing up trash, toilet paper and anything else it managed to get its paws on. Out of frustration I kicked the door. I was wearing my shoes and did not even kick it that hard. Well I guess my foot hit it at the perfect angle, because I noticed a horrible pain in my big toe. I take my shoe and sock off to see that I had just about completely severed my toenail It was pointing straight up to me as if to say “look what you did this time, moron!!”I went to the ER, they deadened it and removed the nail. I know it will be up to 12 months for the nail to grow back, but how long does it normally take to get back to my normal daily routine. I run everyday (or I used to before this incident) and was wondering how long I would be sitting out/when I can put closed toe shoes back on. Also, is there any kind of special bandage dressing that I can use. i Was feeling great yesterday until I had to change the bandage it was like tearing out a layer of skin the way that sucker was stuck to my toe! I appreciate your help!!


  1. Before removing a stuck bandage, you should wet it and let it sit for a bit. That will help soften the tissue stuck to the bandage. As far as dressing the wound, if it is a clean wound, you can use a topical antibiotic ointment and ALWAYS use some type of separating medium like TELFA or ADAPTIC, both which are usually available in most stores. You should not put gauze directly over a wet wound as the healing tissue will grow into it and when you take it off you are setting yourself back. The skin will toughen up in a week or so. It should be kept dressed daily until there is no more drainage and it is not tender. The new nail will grow faster than 12 months as the body seems to speed up the growth when there is an injury.