Knee inflammation


I took a Salsa Class and I twisted my right leg too much. I have had my knee swollen for about 2 months. Its less inflammed now but the problem is that I cannot bend my knee all the way back. It gets stuck and I cannot extend it all the way. There has never been any pain just discomfort. I had an x-ray and it was normal. Some doctors have suggested surgery. Is there another alternative?

bicep tendonitis


Hi, I have been is pain for 6 months. I finally got in to see the pt. She told me that it is treatable and will get better. Is this a fact? Will it bother me down the road if and when it gets better? Any info. would be much appreciated.Thank you,Paula

Cracking your neck…


is it alright that i can crack my neck several times in a row? it feels great once its done but i used to never be able to, now i can no problem. and the worst part is, ive been having lower back pain for the past few months and now this… what could be my problem?

Ankle & calf pain


I am a 56 yr. old female & have been having pain in & around my right ankle & the pain goes up to mid calf. I did go to the dr. & he said i did not have a blood clot, which I was worried about. He said I had achilles tendinitis. He gave me Bextra tabs & I have taken them for almost a week & still no better. I’m not sure what achilles tendon is. I walk everyday & dance quite a lot. It seems as if the pain is centered around the ankle & in one spot mid calf. i also have started intense itching around the foot & my hands. Can you help? Thanks, Anne

Re: sprained foot


: I sprained my foot 3 weeks ago,I am seeing a Doctor as it is a work injury. He has been of no help just trying to get me back to work and I’m willing but the swelling and pain become almost imbearable. Is there anything beside iceing that can help me? I also am a diabetic2 and I know that dosn’t help.: Tahnk you, Dena HozianHallo. Sprained foot no good. elevate, no too much weight. crutches..good..i sprain foot..cruitches good

Weght lifting – tendonitis


I have developed a tendonitis problem in my right elbow/forearm as a result of my weight lifting workout program. As with most weekend athletes, I am reluctant to take much time off my normal program for fear of it falling by the wayside.
I have tried a strap-type tennis elbow brace which didn’t seem to provide much relief.
I am currently using a “band-it” brace, which is better but am wondering if you could you recommend a brace specific for the stresses of a weight program. The problem is aggravated primarily by bicep curls and “pull” related back exercises.

cyatic nerves


Hi,my name is erin and my mother has had a pain in her left leg for 1 month now, she says it numbs her left foot and it is in her butt too,the doctor says it could be her cyatic nerve and he gave her some pain pills all different kinds and nothin is helping,yesterday it was so bad she could not walk and we had to take her to the hospital,the doctor at the hospital gave her demerol in her hip and sent her home,this has been going on now for 4 weeks and it doesnt seem like it is getting any better i was wondering if you could give an idea of what it could be,couse everyone else does not seem to know,…thank you very much , erin,winnipeg,manitoba,canada

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ankle sprain after surgery


i had a brostroms done on my left ankle march 18 2004. i sprained the same ankle 2 weeks ago. it was a moderate sprain but i heard a pop. ive been icing it and wearing a brace but its quite sore. any suggestions?

Neck injury


Hello i suffered a neck injury during a rugby match three years ago.My neck was jerked and i felt a shooting pain in my neck, i then has a very painfull migrane followed by a dull constant headache that i still have to this day along with other minor symptoms.What do you think this may be, is it cureable by a Chiropractor. Many thanks for your timeAndrew Huckle