Other Foot Forums UP!


Would like to share 2 other forums that I visit often for questions concerning foot problems:PODIATRY ASSOCIATES FORUMwww.podassociates.proboards25.com/FOOT TALK FORUMSwww.myfootshop.com/discussion/Nothing to take anything away from these forums, but other forums also provide good avenues for other foot questions.

posterior tibial tendinitis


I have been treated for posterior tibial tendinitis with physical therapy and orthotics and am now, running pain free again!
Do you think compression stockings are a good idea for this diagnosis?
Also do you think a rowing machine would put pressure on that tendon?
I tried it last week and the next day had twinges in my lower legs so I think that is my answer.

Overlapping toes


I have problem with my middle toe being pushed over on top of the fourth toe.
I have tried to use ‘spacers’, but am hopeful that more permanent solution would be available.
Does anyone know what this type of ailment is called?

osgood schlatter's


I am a PT Assistant student and I am doing research on osgood schlatter’s disease. I am trying to find out if adults who had OSD as a child are more likely to have knee problems as an adult, like arthritis. Please let me know. Thanks!

Pitching arm hurts


Dear Sirs, I would like to know what kind of support you would recommend for a baseball pitcher when his arm starts to hurt.
Thanks you very much.
Mrs. Stringham

Physical Therapy


Hello, I was recently injured in a football game. I fractured my knee cap. I enjoyed Physical Therapy and i am no interested in becoming a Physical Therapist.
I have a few questions. How many years of schooling does it take to be a Physical Therapist? And what is the average income of a physical therapist. Thank you, Nate Wilson

RE:achillies Tendon WOUND!!


hi, i had surgery on my achillies tendon july 15thtwo weeks after i had the stitches removed/the suture open up completly to a wound. now i am going to a wound care dr. I am a month and a half and still in the boot i came out of surgery with no weight bearing at all!!My doctor suggest i see a plastic surgeon so that i may have a graft done but i will need some tissues from my back removed and put in the back because some of the tissues are dead problem now is were not sure the tendon is still in tact. theres a bone /or tendon expose and no one seems to be sure what it is. is it usual for the wound to open and expose your tendon? its my right foot when i get the boot on will i be able to drive? my doctor isnt very thorough so i am gonna have the doctor who gave me the second opinion do whatever is needed. I oppose having another surgery if my tendon isnt connected, i will not do this surgery again i will let it heal on its on!! can you help me out!!

Can therapy be too agressive?


I just left two weeks of in patient therapy for total knee replacement and just went to first outpatient session.The difference in amount of time I’m in extreme pain in therapy has gone from 3 minutes to 15 minutes .I am for anything that straightens my leg but don’t want to be subjected to extremes which may or may not work.How do I know valid methods being used?

chin splints


what causes chin splints and what are the symptoms?

how can i become shorter or more fat?


hi, i am a female 20 years old, i want to be shorter than i am, i would like to lose 5 CM, how??? I am thin, so if i can’t lose some of my tallness i want to get weight to be poised.Sorry for my english it is not perfectThanksAnwar