Incorrect Bicep size


I was born a skinny kid, actually very healthy according to the doctos then. Lately I have been training my muscles to grow and I’ve noticed both my biceps are missing, about 25% missing. There is nothing there. I notice I have 3/4 of my muscle but the rest was never existant. Like I said from the back part of the bicep to about 3/4 of the way nothing is there. When I flex my arm it looks like its half gone. I just wanna know if its possible to place what was never there and how much something like that would cost. Im a very jealous person and I see other men with gigantic biceps…Its not fair…Help please-Eric

most athlete’s foot stuff doesn’t work


I’ve been plagued with athlete’s foot between the toes ever since my early teens between my toes. I’ve used most of the otc’s and a couple of prescriptions from doctors. It’s constantly itching and burning and I use them just like it says. Why wont they work? I have fairly sweaty feet which I’m sure doesn’t help, but even this new Lamisil AT doesnt really do anything for it. It’s even MORE embarrassing for a girl to have it and wearing dress shoes and hose (required) seem to aggrivate the problem. Any help will be appreciated.

Sprained ankle


I posted before about a severe sprain in my left ankle. I was wondering why a brace would actually make my ankle hurt more then without one? I saw an ortho doctor who said i most likely have ligament damage and it takes time to heal and I told him these braces make my ankle hurt more. Just confused and wondered if there could be something else wrong. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question it is most appreciated.

fractured ribs


is it normal for healing ribs to pop when you breathe in deep and sometimes have a slight pinching feeling? I also have stiffness and tightness in my whole chest whenever I try to stretch or at night when I eat.



I am a long distance runner training for a marthon. I have custom made orthotics and have always run with them. (fitted by my chiropractor).
I have always taken out the liner in my new shoe then inserted my orthotic.
Is it best to do it that way, or to place the orthotic on top of the liner already in the shoe?The ortotic is hard plastic, of course, with the toe section padded.

Questions for a Report


Hey I was doing a report for school on physical theropy and I was wondering if you could e mail me some information about the schooling (degree that is nessessary), the requirements of the job, and the potential future of the career.My email is chuckles_345@hotmail.comThanksPeter

miniscus transplant


I am looking to find out more information about miniscust transplants for my Mom. We live in Warren Ohio and I am looking to find a facility that does the procedure as close to our area as possible since she is not willing to travel far. I would also appreciate any information on the procedure itself.

numb on my left ear and left cheek&shoulder


I had a pinch nerve in my left shoulder blade that comes and goes about every 3-6 months, that stays for about 2-3 wks. at a time. I just turned 36 yrs old on May 6 2008 and had the pain there again, my boyfriend rubbed it out for me 4 days ago anditfeltlikeherubbeditouthe normally cannot do but since i woke up the next morning, my left ear and cheek-jaw bone has been numb!I am scarred that i have had a stroke because of all of the HEAVY stress in my life, or that I am going to , I had a mini stroke at 27.PLEASE someone get back to me on this! I dont have insurance and Do Not have any $ too spend on a posssibly wasted Doctor visit, but I need to know something, I have 2 children that need me, I am a single working mother and have been a waitress for about 12 yrs now, could it be the begging of Arthritus? PLEASE Someone get back to me. Thank You Very Much, Jennifer Reed

pain from ankle to bridge of foot


It started at my ankle, just sore, then moved to swelling and redness, now it is painful all the way to the top bridge of my foot. No incident that caused immediate pain, really stiff in the morning. I have to choice but to teach my classes (I am a fitness instructor) and was wondering what I could do to lessen the pain. It feels somewhat better after I can slowly work the muscle by pointing and flexing foot, and worse if I don’t move or work the muscle/tendon. Suggestions? Causes?

jammed thumb


What should I do for jammed thumb?…I thank you in advance for your help.