pain in tail bone area


My daughter is a competitive swimmer and recently she has been having pain in her low back near the tail bone area.
She feels it the most after sitting

pinched nerve


I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my upper right side of my back.
I was given steroids to release the pressure, but the pain is still present. Are there exercises I could do to help my problem?



i have a bad case of toenail fungus.
i am discouraged and embarassed about going to the doctor.
Do the perscriptions or OTC work? What is the sucess rate?
has there been any studies related to diet? Thanks in advance for your time

please reply


i fractured a bone in my foot while running a marathon, but i had sprained that foot three weeks earlier and was on crutches for three weeks. i am a experienced marathon runner and so my question is y did i injure my foot again when it had healed after the sprain?

Compartment Syndrome


Hi, I have compartment syndrome in both legs. I had a facsia release on my right leg but the compartment syndrome came right back even worse. But now the outside of my feet and my ankles are killing me as well as having the pain from the pressure in my leg from compartment syndrome. What kind of stuff would a physical therapist be able to do to ease my pain from the compartment syndrome and how many times a week would I need to go to them. Also what’s causing my ankle and foot to be killing me? Thanks

Heel Pain- Can’t figure out why.


Hi Dr. Abrams,I am hoping you can help me here.
I’ve been having heel pain as long and I can’t remember when it started, it was probably during my teen years, I am 20 now.
My heels have been hurting.
It’s really bad when I stand too long, and I can feel them throbbing. I don’t seem to have the symptoms of plantar faciatitis, or any other foot problems that are common (I looked this up in a library).
Could heel pain be caused by weak muscles?
I noticed my feet fall in a little bit, and I had a “minor” problem with weak muscles when I was little.
I know being overweight can also cause foot pain, but I am not. I have minimal insurance also, so if you can suggest anything at home, that would be wonderful. I am not asking for a diagnosis, just a little directon.
Thank you very much.

Femoral neck Stress Fractures


I was in basic training in later part of 2002 when I started getting pains in my left (dominant) knee. The DS told me it was from over work. I continued to work out with the pain when I began having pains in my right hip. The hip pain came after falling three times because my left knee gave out during a run. I went to the hospital and had an X-ray. The results where negitive. The doctor had a suspicion about the cause of the pains and ordered a bone scan. I was diagnosed with a severe stress fracture to the femoral neck in the right leg, mild stress fracture to the femoral neck in the left leg, and hot focal points in the left and right knees according to what I remember on the report. I was put on crutches,which I was on till I got discharged two months later and remained on them for another month after, and told to use my left leg since it was the less severe of the two. Two weeks later, I noticed a loud, deep popping sound in my left hip area when I would raise my knee to my chest and the same after lowering it. Pain always followed with the popping. Also, when moved to the side with my knee bent at about a 90 degree angle, a cracking noise that sounds like popping all of your knuckles at the same time during the raising and lowering to the left, and also when tightening my legs together. Pain also associated each time. I never got a chance to ask a doctor on base about it. Pain continued in my left knee, one on the inseam of the leg at the joint, about the circumference of a quarter, and another just below the knee cap. After discharge, I was taken off the crutches because I was developing shoulder problems, months later I found out they where way too high by another doctor after breaking my toe in an unrelated incedent, and was not put on any other walking device. I have recently had an X-ray and an MRI of my left hip and knee, results where negative from what I was told. They won’t do a bone scan, which was the only thing that showed problems the last time, because they don’t find a reason to. I was also put on physical therepy, relucently by the doctor and only after complaining they weren’t doing anything but giving me pain medication, and even the PT acknowledged that I should not be cracking and popping, especially associated with pain, but can only continue the PT because the doctor ordered it. My doctors, including the PA who did my exam but said he consulted with the orthopedic doctor and found nothing wrong, same doctor that ordered the PT, have even acknowledged this, but either don’t know why or say they find nothing wrong. It has been a year and the problem has not changed and if anything getting worse. It is very difficult to walk without pain, and it does effect my sleeping. Pain medications seem only to make it less painful, but still hindering. I would like to know what the possibilities could be, on both the hip and knee, and what other test can be done. I’m going through the VA and regretably can’t afford a second opinion. Also any suggestions on resources to look at to find what procedures can be done to correct the possible problems so I at least have a reference to point to when talking to my Ortho on what to do. I’m on regular PT for hip and knee and will be doing aquatics in Dec until Mar, when I see the Ortho again. I need help because I’m tired of the problem being acknowledged, but nothing really being done about it. I can provide documents or more information if needed to help.

ingrown toenails/pins&needles after pregnancy


I was pregnant w/ twins and gained 60 lbs on my previous 5’4″ 130 lb body. I lost 30 in the first week after I gave birth. I lost 20 more in the next 4 months. I have had recurring ingrown toenails which I never had in my life. The podiatrist said it was because my feet were so swollen, the toenails had nowhere to go. Also, my ligaments stretched. I dont know what to do about the ingrown toenails because I have been to the podiatrist 3 times getting them dug out and they keep coming back . he looked at my shoes and they are OK. I got new shoes since I am in a bigger size after pregnancy. I dont know if I should switch doctors? or do I just deal with this? Is there anything over the counter I can get? or will they just go away? Also, I dont know if its related but I get pins and Needles in my feet after I am sleeping or even just sitting for a while. I step on my feet and it is so painful to walk on them. I dont know if its my feet, or my circulation? The arches of my feet hurt really bad now after I gave birth too. I am not sure what to do about all of this? what kind of doctor to see, or will it just go away?

Lower back injury/soccer


i am 16 years old and i am a goalie for my high school soccer team. i injured it in a game when i twisted it. since then, every time i dive and/or twist it the wrong way, it “spasms” and is just soar. i was out of playing for the rest of the season and now it feels pretty good but i don’t want to risk hurting it again…or if it has been long enough for it to heal or if i need it to be looked at. i played in the spring and it is now almost mid summer. what do you recommend?

Foot Pain – Don’t Know Where to Go From Here


I have had progressively worsening foot burning, swelling, tender heel and balls of feet along with toe pain for 7 years now.
I have had every test, EMG nerve conduction tests, splints, cortisone shots, orthodics,acupuncture, physical therapy, etc., with absolutely no relief or diagnosis of what my problem is.
Is there any place I can go from here for some kind of diagnosis.
My symptoms mimic plantar facilitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and foot nueropathy but no one is certain I have any of these.