heel pain


20 yr. old heel fracture. in last 12 months much more painful. last 5 days cripling pain has now put piercing pain from arch to crown with ankle soreness. sometimes (1 in 4) pain so severe, i fall down when trying to stand up. male age 53 #230.can you suggest procedure to improve or correct.

pain in leg


what is it like i have a lump where my shin is and it hurts….



Ihave a Don Joy 4pt Acl super sport (left) knee brace. It is about ten years old.Can you tell me where I can find the neoprene stocking that goes with this brace

Broken Scaphoid, Physical Therapy


I recently broke my Scaaphoid and just got out of my cast after 12 weeks in it.
Quite a relief let me tell ya.
I understand that the muscles in my hand/wrist have atrophied after being in cast for the extended period of time.
So what excercises can I do that will help restore the most complete full range of motion to my wrist? My primary concern is that it’s my right hand and being very heavily right handed (though less so since having the cast on) it makes my wrist shot much less effective.
I seem to be able to move my wrist downward almost completely but moving it up is still a major issue.

corn removal


i know dr. scholl’s is a good remedy but it doesn’t seem to work for me. is there a home remedy you can prescribe or another solution? hurry! summer is fast approaching and that means open-toes sandals!

Broken foot rehab


I broke my foot about 6 weeks ago. The middle metatarsel. I was in a boot and just got it off. I was just wondering what kind of home excercises I can do to strengthen my foot and calf. I would like to play in a flag football tournament in about a month so I’m trying to heal ASAP. Please give me some suggestions and advice. Do you think I will be able to play that soon? Thanks, Andrew

Fibulia bone


I broke my Fibulia bone.I was in a cast for three weeks,and a walking boot for two weeks.My ankle still swells when I walk on it.Why is this?Is there any thing else I can I help to heal it?



My tailbone start’s hurting when I sit for a long period of time. What can cause this to happen? Will I need to have surgeory?

Muscle Reduction


Does the arm muscles shrink after being in a cast for two months?

Injury prevention recommendation – knee


My 8 year old daughter is a competing gymnast.
In the last few months, whenever she seems to be having a growth spurt, she complains of pain in her right knee while working out. Can you reccomend a knee support that would help reduce the risk of injury while providing freedom of movement when tumbling.
Must fit a tiny leg! She measures only 10 1/2 inches at the center of the patella.