Missing parts


I have a polar care 300 unit.
I do not have any other parts besides the cooler box with the hose coming out of the top. what other parts should be with it?
Where can I order them? how much will they cost?Thanks for you time.cliff

Forearm Muscle pain


I am a 43 year old weekend golfer. I have developed some constant pain in my left forearm. It is more prevelant when lifting weight from the palm down position. Can I “strength train” the pain away?



I am a 37 year old male who was playing in my second soccer game of the day. Ususally, I would play just one.
I was starting on a sprint towards the ball and something popped above my heel but below my calf.
I assume this was my achillies.
I definitely felt it snap, but I am still able to walk with some occasional discomfort.
What is the best treatment for this and approximately how long will I be out?Thanks,Brad

Swollen little toe


I stubbed my toes about a month ago.
They were very sore and turned purple.
All is fine now except for the little toe which is still very swollen and sore.
Will this eventually go away or is there some treatment I need?

Difference of opinion on bulging disks, etc?


I saw an orthopedic spine specialist, neurologist, rheumatologist and my primary doctor and all say the tingling and numb sensations I get in my lower legs and feet could not be related to my back. My MRIs show a minor bulging disk I believe around L4 or L5 and also I believe the same around T3 and/or T7? Can’t recall. Also shows minor foraminal narrowing and facet arthrosis. I have minor pain in the mid back, what feels like spasms and also tingling, pain and numbness in the feet and also some of the sensations into the lower leg. It for the most part vanishes at night when relaxing and sleeping. It returns with sitting, standing, walking, etc. The M.D.s say now way! They think it is my feet. They don’t think I have a neurologic or rheumatologic condition.My Chiropractor says my symtoms could absolutely be related to the back no matter how minor the MRI appears. I went through my MRI with my chiropractor and she feels it is related. I have been going for adjustments and decompression table for about 3 weeks or so. I did realize I may not have been doing the table correctly because it was pulling me along. Apparently I was supposed to hold on to the side of the table so I wonder if the last 3 weeks were wasted. Anyway, I have a few more months of steady treatment and I hope I see results.Any thoughts on why the variance in opinion???

Sweaty Feet and Odor


My 16 year son is very active in sports – ice hockey and tennis, and he recently developed white soft tissue under the balls of his feet and under his toes. We tried treating it with Tenactin but the problem seems to come back after he is involved in sports. His feet developed a bad ordor and is red and tender when he is not playing sports. Can you please help.

Can anyone help or give advice for my achilies????


Im a 17yr old girl from England who Dances 5dayz a week. 3wks ago, I had a sharp pain in the back of my right heel and wonder what I had done to it. My dance teacher(s) has said to me that I have done my achilies tendons in and that I should take it easy. my heal began givin me sharp excursiating (xcuse m3 spellin) pain and got to the stage where I was in tears and was unable to walk properly. I have been to a Physiotherapist and I had various techniques to help speed up the process. Personally I don’t think it has done me any justice but I was reading that riding a BIKE helps to strecth out the tendon which has help me abit and has made my walking alot easier. As im a Ballet Dancer, I havent danced for 3/4wks and I’m desperate to go back but cant risk damagin it anymore. I was wondering if anyone had any useful techniques or information that might help speed up the process of my injury adn get me dancing on my toes agin. PLEASE REPLY SOON.



Im wearing the outside of my shoes out really, really, bad. I have bought some heel inserts, but they have just given away. I realize that being overweight puts extra preassure on my heels and adds to the damage on my shoes. I was looking at the Visocheel N and K. I need to know if the Viscoheel K would be the one to help solve the problem being that it is raise on the outside, where the problem lies?

crucial pain


hi I suffer terrible bachache all over my back to describe it feels like paper its so weak i also get shooting pain up my left arm across my shoulder it hurt so much

degenerative changes of the thoracic lumbar spine


Can you explain to me what a bone island is?
I have had lower back pain since a fall about 8 weeks ago. Doctor had a scan performed and and the following diagonsis was stated “mild degenerative changes of the thoracic lumbar spine ith small bone islands within the L3 and T10 vertebral bodies”