Will my toe nail grow back?


I stumped my middle toe on a brick about a month ago and it hurt for the longest time it got all swallon and stuff but now all thats gone and my nail is starting to fall off. Its still connected on one corner to my skin but the other side isn’t. So what should i do should i leave it alone or should i cut the lose part off, will it grow back? Help please!!!

Heel nodules


I have a condition called Adiposa Dolorosa and have had terrible pain in my feet for a couple of years.
Tonight my husband observed no less than 15 pea-sized nodules on the back of each heel (and around the edges of both heels).
Could these be more lipomas or is there another condition similar to this.
The pain in my feet increases with pressure applied to the nodules.
They can be seen from 10-15 feet away when I am standing and nearly disappear when I sit.
Thank you!

back pain after fall


I fell a week ago and hit my face on the corner of a table.
I have a black eye, swollen cheek, and laceration to the forehead.
The middle of my back hurts and there is one particular spot that has alot of pressure. Could I have injured my back in this fall?

Toe Walking


I am looking for idea’s to help a 3 year old break his habitual toe walking. Exercises, games, bracing??Please email me at: lorenz_brandon@hotmail.com or call me at 734-944-5600Thanks



I have looked thru the forums and cannot seem to find a place where it talks about pain in the little toe. I stubbed my toe on my husbands big shoes last night and my poor small toe is hurting so that it hurts to walk. Can you break your little toe or is it most likely just something that needs to heal on its own. I would appreciate any answer. Thank you

Sweaty Feet and Odor


My 16 year son is very active in sports – ice hockey and tennis, and he recently developed white soft tissue under the balls of his feet and under his toes. We tried treating it with Tenactin but the problem seems to come back after he is involved in sports. His feet developed a bad ordor and is red and tender when he is not playing sports. Can you please help.

Pain under sesmoid


I had foot surgery nine years ago to remove a hairline fractured of the sesmoid(spelling) I have unbearable pain where the bone was removed. I have orthodics I have had nerve ablations nothing has helped I have excrusiating pain when I walk or stand. Can anything be done or am I destined to be an invalid.

hip replacement & bicycles


I am a strong canidate for a hip replacement, and want to purchase a bicycle.
Is a recumbent bike better (less pressure on the hipjoint) than a traditional bike?



I am receiving chiro proceedures now. I am putting a 3 # hanging weight from my head. my wife has weights on her head. I see conflicting reports on using weights. What is your opinion?

distal tear of bicep tendon (elbow)


should i have the sugery i feel great now and feel as strong