shin splints


My son gets shin splints. Which sleeve do you recommend for that condition. I also bought orthotics (over the counter $45) to help with the mechanics. He plays D1 basketball and has some pretty intensive workouts. Any additional advice would be appreciated.Thanks

Ankle braces


My daughter plays club vollyball.
She has no problems with her ankles, but should she wear braces as a prophylactic measure.
I have heard that using braces, unless for injury, actually can weaken the ankle.

sprained ancle


i sprained my ancle yeaterday and am wondering what is the best thing that i can do to make it heal as fast as possable? should i use an ace bandage or just stay off it for a while?

knee pain


I am searching online for EVA wedge strips to cut to fit under the insoles of my shoes to correct my gait as suggested by my physical therapist. Any suggestions where I might find these in the United States? Thanks



please help me someone, my knuckel is swolen and brushed an dreally hurts after me walking into a door! i need some help on what to do, should i go to hospital? should i tapew the fingers thoughter?

post-bunionectomy recovery


Dear Doctor,
I recently had a bunionectomy, where the big toe was broken, realigned and a permanent pin put in place. I am now 10 days into my recovery and still find the foot too tender to put much weight on it.
I am in a post-surgical “boot” and although my doctor said I would probably be able to walk on the heal of the boot to get around, I am finding it too painful without crutches.
Is this unusual or am I just not tolerating the pain well?
When might it be a reasonable expectation where I should be able to bear weight and ditch the crutches. I do use my heal to balance and I am trying to apply some weight.
Thanks for your imput, I appreciate it.

Spinal Degeneration


I was diagnosised with Spinal Degeneration Phase One. It is up around my neck area. I went through about 6 months of therapy about five months ago and I am now having pains in my mid to upper back and in my neck. The mid back pains are the worst. I know that I have bad posture and I am want to know if there is something I can get that would help me to improve my posture so that I can help avoid the degeneration from progressing?

ankle sprains


could you possibly please tell me The Nature of an ankle sprain… it’s for an assignment and we need to ask someone important please if you could e mail me back a.s.a.p and answer my question that would be very helpfulthanks yours sincerelyKatherine

Fifth Metartarsal Break


I broke my Fifth metartarsal on the 07/03/04 and had a cast on for 5 weeks. It is now the 26/05/04 I can still not run without a sharp stabbing pain occuring on the outside of my foot. It is now around 11 weeks since I broke the bone how long will it take to heal???

Foot Numbness


I recently spent about 60 minutes standing in a pool of ice cold water and hail during a storm (trying to save my basement from flooding), and I may have had a mild case of frostbite on my left foot.
I thawed my feet out in warm water for about 20-30 minutes, but 5 days later, my left foot is still numb and tingly on top.
Any reason for this?