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Pain between shoulder blades


I often get pain between my shoulder blades.
The pain seems to be related to tight bundles of muscle on either side of my spine, and can often lead to headaches and nausea if left unattended.
It seems to be treated and relieved by acupressure massage but always returns in 10-14 days. Are you able to give any possible causes? Are there any possible preventional treatments, self treatments or long term treatments that would not require returning to a massage therapist every two weeks?


  1. Pain comes & goes. It is worse when I’m working in the kitchen, getting dinner, cutting veg’s & etcIt usually goes away after awhile, but lately is getting worse & stays longer. The area is sore to touch on my spine and today the pain is to the right and isn’t going away. Gets so bad at times it takes my breath.

  2. Sounds familiar- started after car accident for me. a massage gets it out for a few days, but it recurrs- and when it does, it’s so depressing- ya know- you thought you were done with it….?