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pain in back


My mom went to a chiropractor & he said she had a dislocated rib.
She did not fall.
She just put up a lightweight curtain rod & lifted part of a mattress (not for a 74-year-old to do).
He said he saw her rib sticking out in her back.
What is this & is he right? Is there such thing as that, a dislocated rib?Thank you

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  1. i have severe backpain in the middle of my back where my bra strap sits.this happens everyother night. only way i get any sleep is if i lay on my back with my knees up. the pain makes me sick each time. after i vomit i do feel alittle better. and can sleep.i usually see a chiropractor but cant till i get back to nd. what can i do while i am here in tx. i dont have $ to see a Chiropractor here. this has been happening for over 3 months off and on and just lately getting worse. what can i do and could it be serious?

  2. Yes this does happen, quite common actually. Sometimes a vertebrae or rib is wanting to pop out due to vertebral rotation or muscle and or ligament weakness. The body compensates as long as it can until BAM you do something trivial like removing a curtain rod and it goes out. The body has finally got to the point it can no longer compensate. Chiropractic manipulation of the vertebra in the area along with the rib head typically takes care of it. Did the doctor take any films?