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pain in ball of feet, clicking in some shoes


I know if I were to try picking up a marble with my feet, or if I let my husband massage them, it would hurt like the the dickens.
I would never attempt diving, if I point my feet, they’ll cramp.
I was playing darts with my father and it happened.
If I press down real hard on the balls of my feet on the floor, it alleviates the symptom and sometimes it will go away.
Other time, if I lift my foot it’s still there and hurts like blazes.
I have never told my doctor as I am scared to have anyone touch them.
I am 42, this has been happening off and on for years.
I think I had shoes that were to small when I was a child.
The pain is between the baby toe and the next two in.
The toes beside my big toe slightly overlap the big toe. Is this Morton’s Neuroma or something?
Thank you very much.

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  1. If I had one guess it would be a Morton’s neuroma. You should make an appointment with a podiatrist and get more information.Good luck.