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Pain in between shoulderblades


I’m not sure what’s related to what, or a symptom of what–but all of the following developed about a year ago and with no insurance I am loath to go to a doctor immediately unless I have some idea why I’m going.Currently there’s a pain on the right side of my spine near the bottom of my right scapula.
I only feel it really when I squeeze my shoulderblades together, and generally if I squeeze/twist just right there is a small pop and either total or partial relief of the pain even if I squeeze my shoulders together again (this relief lasts for a minute or two at most, and then it creeps back in again).
It’s not unbearable, just really irritating, balancing between the feeling of a deep bruise and an overworked muscle.also, near the same time that developed I had noticed what feels like a small painless lump in my throat that I’m almost always aware of off and on, and is very noticeable when I swallow. But again just like the back pain, it’s presence fades from barely noticeable to mildly irritating.The only thing I can think of that really set this off is one night when I was at a graduation party and drinking heavily I felt as though my chest and back were on fire–just burning intensely–for about four minutes.
It’s never happened since, but I’ve had a tagalong backpain. A GP who didn’t run any real tests aside from bloodwork and a symptom analysis diagnosed me with GERD and gave me a perscription for a PPI. After a month it had little to no affect on the symptoms I have been having.

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  1. Have you ever talked to a physical therapist about the situation? Thay are specially trained in that sort of thing. Also, larger breasts may cause constant muscle strain in that area.