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Pain in both the heels


Dear Doctor,I have pain in both the heels for last 2 years especially when I am standing for more than two minutes I will get the pain.
The pain is more at the front side of the heel.
My X ray reports confirms that I neither have calcaneus spur or the planter facsciitis but the pain is continuing despite wearing the silicon heel cups.
I desperately need some help to get rid of my pain.Please tell me what to do.


  1. Heel cups are not always the answer. I truthfully believe cushioning is highly overrated. You need to be examined-gait analysis etc. A custom biomechanical orthotic that controls the way you foot hits the ground is most likely. The podiatrist has many options for treating heel pain. Go see one.

  2. Dear Doctor,I have pain on the inside of both my heels.I am o.k. walking. Its when I sit down and get up again I feel the pain also when getting out of bed it cause me to limp with the pain and once I get going its o.k.I just purchased a pair of Wonder Zorb heel supports. I’ve only had them a week,do you think they will get rid of the pain, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,#############