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pain in heel and arch


I have had pain in the heel/arch of my foot which sometimes hurts to were I can’t stand. About a week ago, I felt a very bad stretch and then extreme burning. I was told I have possibly torn my plantar fascia. If so what is the diagnosis and treamtent.?

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  1. I have had pain in the arch of my foot which started about 4 or 5 days ago. I have started walking 60 minutes a day and just this past weekend got myself a pair of really good runners. I was getting shin splints too when walking. Is it unwise to continue walking while I still have this cramp in the bottom of my foot/arch area? It was quite painful yesterday just in slippers to the point where walking on it wasn’t an option. Any suggestions as to what I can do?Your reply is most appreciated.Regards,Painful arch in Kelowna, British Columbia

  2. The diagnosis might be what was suggested- a tear of the plantar fascia. I can’t tell you for sure unless I examined you. The treatment for a plantar fascia tear is usually immobilization.